Pines Party

Pines Party 2011

Since 1999, when an Arabian tent city arose like an oasis along the shoreline of Fire Island, Pines Party has become an annual tradition that has evolved into a weekend-long event.

More than just an all-night dance, Pines Party is the community’s premier annual fundraising event, providing grants for two essential beneficiaries: the Stonewall Community Foundation and the Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association Charitable Foundation.

Pines Party is very much a community-wide affair. Local builders donate their manpower and expertise to help construct a canopied dance floor, sponsor tents, restroom facilities, the main stage, a side lounge, bars, etc., while Pines residents bring their artistic sensibility, professional know-how and connections to bear on the design, personnel, planning and promotion.

Pines Party has become a world-class event that attracts partygoers from around the world, as well as the support of major corporate sponsors, including: A/X ARMANI EXCHANGE, BURBERRY, CALVIN KLEIN, COACH, DOLCE & GABBANA, ELIE TAHARI, GUCCI, HBO, HENNESSEY COGNAC, LOUIS VUITTON, MERCEDES BENZ, MICHAEL KORS, PRADA, RALPH LAUREN POLO, STOLICHNAYA VODKA, TARGET, VERSACE and YAHOO.


Stonewall grants benefit the LGBT population of New York City by helping AIDS patients, combating HIV infections, supporting breast cancer research, and promoting human rights.  It’s important to note that 100% of the Pines Party proceeds directed through Stonewall Community Foundation are given to the charities that receive the grant awards.  None of this money can be used to offset Stonewall’s program expenses.  In fact, even the money necessary to administer and support the grants process for the community portion of the Pines Party monies must be raised privately by Stonewall.


The FIPPOA Charitable Foundation has as its mission to preserve and enhance the unique quality of the physical environment and life in the community.  An articular focus is placed on projects to protect the dunes, vegetation, and marine life on Fire Island.  Equal focus is placed on improving the quality of life in the community. Projects include a new harbor entry area that provides shelter for people waiting for ferries, a new community center that houses a new theatre for the arts, community offices and facilities for different religious faiths. The Foundation has also taken an active role in building a new medical care facility as part of the community center.